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Intellectual Property
ID:   UML 06-20
IP Type:   Licensable Technology
Title:   Particle Stabilized Emulsions of Carbon Dioxide & Water for Enhanced Oil Recovery & Extraction Processes (Alternate Title: Liquid and Supercritical Carbon Dioxide & Water Emulsions Stabilized By Fine Particles for Enhanced Oil Recovery and Supercritical
Inventor:   David Ryan
Summary:   The invention is a method for creating a stable CO2-water emulsion that can be injected into wells. The emulsion is more effective at releasing oil than CO2 injection, water injection or water-alternate-gas injection. CO2 dissolves the oil and the water desorbs oil from the surface of the surrounding geology (sand). Many wells that were closed because they were considered uneconomic to continue producing may be considered as viable, given the current price of oil and this superior technology.
Tech Type:   Energy
Contact:   Susu Wong, 978 934 4722,
Organization:   University of Massachusetts Lowell

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